The impressive Turtle River Falls is located in a 15-acre garden that makes for a nice day outside. The falls itself is actually 14 different waterfalls sourced from the Turtle River in the Turtle River Falls and Gardens park. The waterfall has a nice natural pool, where you can swim surrounded by lush tropical gardens.

The park is located in Ocho Rios, and you can spend a full day enjoying the Turtle River Falls waterfall and walking the rest of the park. Be sure to spend some time in the aviary on the property, which has many native birds, and visit the Japanese Koi Pond before or after your excursion to the waterfall.

Comprised of more than a dozen mini-falls which come together to create a natural masterpiece.

Sporting a natural swimming area that’s more akin to pool than pond, there’s also a Koi pond full of miraculously colored and graceful fish, and untouched natural surroundings the likes of which you may not see again anytime soon.

There’s also a bird sanctuary in the gardens around the falls, and there’s a fee to enter the park. Guides are available if you’d like to learn a bit about the local geology, flora and fauna in addition to seeing the falls.

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