Prospect Estate and Villas Airport Transfers from Montego Bay

Book Prospect Estate and Villas Airport Transfers from Montego Bay to/ from Ocho Rios.

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Prospect Estate and Villas Airport Transfers from Montego Bay

If you’re planning a trip to Prospect Estate and Villas, Jamaica, and you want to ensure a smooth and hassle-free transfer to your destination, then book Prospect Estate and Villas Airport Transfers from Montego Bay with Jamaican Taxi Tours. This exceptional service provides you with reliable and comfortable transportation to and from the airport, making your journey as pleasant as possible.

Benefits and Features

Prospect Estate and Villas Airport Transfers from Montego Bay offer a range of benefits and features that make them the preferred choice for travelers. Here are some of the key advantages and specific features:

  1. Convenience: This service ensures you are promptly picked up from Montego Bay Airport and taken to your destination, be it Prospect Estate or any other location in the area.
  2. Comfortable Vehicles: The transfers are conducted in comfortable, air-conditioned vehicles to ensure a relaxed and enjoyable journey.
  3. Professional Drivers: You’ll have experienced and friendly drivers who know the area well and can provide you with valuable information about Montego Bay.
  4. Safe and Reliable: Safety is a priority. Prospect Estate and Villas Airport Transfers adhere to high safety standards.
  5. Competitive Pricing: The service offers affordable pricing, ensuring you get great value for your money.
  6. Private Transfers: You have the option of private transfers, which means you won’t share your ride with strangers, providing added privacy.
  7. 24/7 Availability: Regardless of your arrival time, these transfers are available around the clock.
  8. Easy Booking: Booking is a breeze; you can make reservations online or through their customer support.
  9. Luggage Assistance: The drivers are always ready to assist with your luggage.
  10. Vehicle Options: Various vehicle types based on your group size and preferences.

The vehicles used for these transfers are typically modern and well-maintained, ensuring a comfortable and safe journey. They are equipped with features to make your trip enjoyable.

Real-World Applications

The service is not limited to airport transfers but can also be used for trips to other locations in Montego Bay. Whether you’re heading to a resort, hotel, or a private villa, Prospect Estate and Villas Airport Transfers have got you covered.

Other Information

  • Advantages: The advantages of using this service include reduced travel stress, cost-effectiveness, and the option to explore the beauty of Montego Bay from the moment you arrive.
  • Service: The service is known for its professional and clean appearance. The vehicles are well-maintained, making a positive impression on passengers.

Product Specification

Let’s take a closer look at the specifications and features of Prospect Estate and Villas Airport Transfers from Montego Bay:

Transfers Information

Prospect Estate and Villas Rates


  • One way & Round trip.
  • Not Shared, this is private
  • No charge for delayed flights
  • No unwanted stops

Safety: Approved transportation
Protection: Secure checkout. 

 Individual Rates:
1 – 2 persons per vehicle
Luxury service available


  • Take the stress out of your arrival to Montego Bay airport
  • Enjoy the services of English-speaking drivers
  • Enjoy the freedom of having your transportation waiting for you
  • Enjoy the privacy and comfort of a private transfer
  • Enjoy comfortable seats and air-conditioning
  • Door-to-door round-trip service to/from MBJ  airport
  • Money back guarantee per policy.
You’ve Discover so now travel around Jamaica safely and comfortable.

Meeting Point

These are the instructions for meeting our representative;

Montego Bay Airport Transfers: On arriving at the MBJ airport and after checking through immigration and Customs, proceed to the arrival lobby, where you’ll pass the Avis and Island Car Rental desk to your right.
Exit through the double glass doors to the right of a blue Cambio (foreign exchange outlet). Continue to the right and our airport representative will be happily awaiting your arrival with this sign.

Private Tours and hotel taxi services: Your tour guide/driver will meet you at your hotel main lobby .Jamaican Taxi Tours

For Cruise Excursion, you will meet just outside your Montego Bay, Falmouth or Ocho Rios Jamaica cruise ship terminal. All necessary details will be printed on your electronic invoice or sent to you in email.


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