Little Ochie

Little Ochi Seafood Restaurant overlooks the black sand of Jamaica’s south coast shoreline to present laid back, “get-away from the city” life. They offer fresh from the sea, lobster, shrimp and fish, cooked and served with a choice of steaming hot bammies. Its annual Seafood Festival is an essential event for seafood lovers. The quiet, almost Bohemian character of our south coast makes Little Ochi a popular respite for the weary.


  • Address: Alligator Pond, Manchester, Jamaica
  • Phone: 876-965-4450
  • Website:
  • Hours: 9 a.m. to whenever the last customer leaves
  • Prices: Fish priced by weight. Figure about $10-15 for lunch.

What started out as every seafood lovers secret place in Alligator pond, Manchester, is now an internationally known ‘great place to eat’.

Alligator Pond is a fishing village on the southwestern coast of Jamaica in the parish of Saint Elizabeth.

Unlike the tourist-oriented coasts in the northern part of the country, Alligator Pond’s shoreline is as much about work as play; here fishermen launch their boats to catch some of the island’s best-regarded fish while women conduct the wholesale business of the catch. Weather-worn cookshops and bars line the sand’s edge, supplying food staples such as curried goat and Red Stripe beer.


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