The Bob Marley Museum is dedicated to the memory of the late reggae superstar, Robert “Bob” Marley. The Bob Marley Museum is located in Marley’s original studio where he recorded many of his songs. The property is extremely large and due to the fact many other businesses are on the grounds of the Bob Marley Museum. bob marley museum tour

The myth of Bob Marley is captured in essence in the Bob Marley Museum and is comprised of the sadness, the love, the understanding, the widely though God given talent of this Kingston Jamaica artiste. Born in the Kingston Jamaica area of Trench Town the artiste blossomed into an international recording star very quickly.

This coupled with the fact that Bob Marley never wrote a bad song as all his records are placed on the walls of the Bob Marley Museum. The Kingston Jamaica born Bob Marley left behind the most remarkable body of Jamaican music. Bob was widely regarded as a musical prophet, and the Bob Marley Museum speaks to that issue. Most Jamaican musicians visit the Bob Marley Museum to gain inspiration and there have and have tea at Bob Marley Cafe.

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